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One Tribe Jewelry

Roca Sangre Necklace

Roca Sangre Necklace

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Bloodstone has been treasured since antiquity, back then known as Heliotrope, the Sun Stone. Its use for healing, and its connection to blood and detoxification of the organs, dates back five thousand years to Mesopotamia. In many cultures, Heliotrope was dipped in cold water and placed on the body to aid circulation and transfer the power of the sun to prevent injury or disease, stop the flow of blood, or cure any wound. Its coagulant effect was renowned, and for this reason, ancient warriors often carried Heliotrope as an amulet of protection and courage,

Each stone is unique but all will be very similar to photos with gorgeous color variations.


*High quality, all-natural and untreated African Bloodstone

*Ethically sourced rich brown leather cord

*Slip knot closure ensures this is highly adjustable to lengths between 30" and 22"

Guaranteed  natural African Bloodstone not treated in any way.

Bloodstone is composed of deep Green Jasper and small dots of Red Jasper


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