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Angie Amazonite Bangle Bracelet

Angie Amazonite Bangle Bracelet

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* Genuine Natural Amazonite Crystals
* Stones measure approx. 11x8mm but each stone is different
* Gold plated bangle cuff.
* Also available in jade, apatite, black tourmaline, and kyanite
* Usually ships same day or next day and comes ready for gifting in a cute boho gift   box.

Like waters deep and ancient, Amazonite beckons in captivating shades of turquoise-green, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Its energy is as powerful as the river for which it is named, and as bold as the legendary women warriors with whom it is connected.

Genuine amazonite has been wire wrapped onto a gold plated adjustable bangle.
Each stone is unique, the stones span 1.25" approx . Bangle is 14k gold plated over brass.

Metaphysical properties
Amazonite is a stone of peace, truth, harmony, and communication. It gently soothes the nerves, and calms the soul. Amazonite encourages adventure, love, inspiration, and free speech.

Listing is for one bracelet only.

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