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Ionia Iolite Stud Earrings

Ionia Iolite Stud Earrings

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People are drawn to iolite for a variety of reasons, and its popularity can be attributed to its unique qualities and characteristics:

*Stunning Color: Iolite is known for its captivating blue to violet-blue hues, often resembling the color of a deep sapphire or tanzanite. Its rich and vibrant color is a primary attraction for many gemstone enthusiasts.

*Pleochroism: Iolite exhibits a fascinating property called pleochroism, which means it can display different colors from different angles. This phenomenon adds depth and intrigue to iolite, making it an engaging gemstone to observe.

*Mystical and Spiritual Significance: Some people are drawn to iolite for its perceived metaphysical properties. It is believed by some to stimulate intuition, enhance spiritual growth, and promote inner wisdom. As such, iolite is often associated with enhancing self-awareness and aiding in meditation.

*Unique Gemstone: Iolite is relatively less common than other gemstones like sapphires or emeralds, which adds to its allure and exclusivity. Its rarity makes it a desirable choice for those looking to own a unique and uncommon gemstone.

*Hardness and Durability: Iolite is relatively hard, with a rating of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for use in various types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Its durability means that it can withstand everyday wear.

🌟 Gemstone: Each earring features a AAA-grade Iolite baguette-cut gemstone, renowned for its stunning indigo hue and ethereal quality. Iolite is believed to inspire creativity and enhance intuition, making it the perfect choice for those who seek inner wisdom and artistic expression.

🌀 Cut and Faceting: The rectangular cut of these gemstones is designed to accentuate their natural beauty. The facets on the surface of the gemstones catch the light, creating a captivating play of colors and depth that will dazzle onlookers.

✨ Wire-Wrapped Beauty: I have meticulously wire-wrapped each Iolite gemstone, enhancing its natural allure while adding a touch of artisanal charm. The wire wrapping not only secures the gemstones but also showcases their inherent brilliance.

💎 Quality Materials: I offer these earrings in two premium options: sterling silver for classic elegance and gold-filled for a touch of luxury. Both options ensure enduring quality and lasting beauty.

🎁 Perfect Gift: These make an ideal gift for nature lovers, crystal enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of handcrafted jewelry. They come beautifully packaged, ready for gifting.

🌿 Handcrafted with Love: My jewelry is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship in every piece.

✨ Specifications:

Gemstone: AAA Iolite - Baguette Cut
Wire Wrapping Metal: Available in 14k Gold Fill or Sterling Silver
Size: 12mm x 5.5mm. - The size is very uniform, however each gemstone is 100% unique so please expect variations in shade. You will not receive the exact stones pictured.

✧ Warm water and a soft cloth are the best thing you can do to maintain the beauty of your jewelry.
✧ Jewelry polishing cloths work great and are non-abrasive.
✧ Salt water and chlorine take their toll on all fine jewelry so should be avoided.

-Every piece of jewelry is carefully hand-crafted by me in my Florida home studio. Feel good about buying something handmade with lots of love and for supporting a small-business owner who takes your happiness very seriously.

EASY RETURNS ----------------------

-I pride myself on my customer service. If you are not satisfied with your jewelry, or if it's just not what you had in mind, I will always gladly accept your return or exchange! I want you to be happy with your decision to purchase from me so please don't hesitate to contact me with any issues you may have.

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