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Lovers Eye Ring Dish

Lovers Eye Ring Dish

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* This piece is a part of our Legends & Lore series of decoupage wampum shells. The All-Seeing Eye, or Eye of Providence, is an ancient symbol that transcends any one religion. It is evidenced in Ancient Egyptian Lore as well as Hinduism and Christianity. It is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and protection.

* These shells range in width from 3" to 4.5"

* These shells are known as Wampum Clams as they were used by many Native Tribes to make Wampum, handmade beads made from the Northern Quahog clam. These shells were highly valued and traded by different Native American Tribes, long before the first Europeans arrived and were prized for their beauty and strength.

* Ethically Sourced. We only use shells that have washed up on beaches naturally. Their former inhabitants have moved out. We never kill or harm any animals to get their shells. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to The Marine Fish Conservation Network as a way of giving back for the abundance and beauty our oceans so generously provide.

* Please keep in mind that each shell is unique and was once home to a little animal. Any 'imperfections' in the shell should be seen as a badge of honor of this creature's journey from the deep to your door. The pictures are examples of the patterns only. Your shell will be 100% one-of-a -kind and the only one on the planet that will look exactly like yours.

These gorgeous shells, collected from along the Atlantic coast, have been artfully transformed into lovely objets d'art and function wonderfully as ring or trinket dishes and would make excellent hostess gifts or birthday presents. Each one is handmade and consists of thin layers of paper, and multiple coats of high gloss waterproof lacquer finish. The finishing touch is a fine edging in liquid gold leaf. These have the look and feel of porcelain and the gold really shines. The back of the shell is left natural to highlight the delicate edging of the gold leaf paint. The shell fronts are coated with a waterproof protective lacquer but please don't submerge them in water or leave them exposed to water for extended periods of time. The back of the shells are still porous and will absorb water.

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