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One Tribe Jewelry

Mont Vert Jade Necklace

Mont Vert Jade Necklace

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*High quality, all-natural and untreated Dark Green Jade, polished smooth with excellent creamy luster and a deep green color.

*100% Ethically sourced rich brown leather cord

*Slip knot closure ensures this is highly adjustable to lengths between 30" and 22"

*Jade is traditionally given in celebration of 12th, 30th, and 35th wedding anniversaries

Metaphysical Properties and History

For thousands of years, the stone has been revered in China and other countries throughout the world. The Chinese believed that since jade objects lasted so long, they were linked to immortality. They believe jade to also bring good luck, benevolence, purity, and enhanced intelligence. In the West, jade is thought to be a stone that can help the wearer be more relaxed and calm. Overall, jade has always been said to bring its owner power, knowledge, pure thoughts and long life.

Each stone is unique but all will be very similar to photos.

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