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Indira Lingam Necklace

Indira Lingam Necklace

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A soulful piece for the spiritual man in your life. These stones come from only one place, the Narmada River in Western India, one of India's most holy sites. The villagers there gather the stones from the river and hand polish them so that they are a smooth rounded shape. Their colors vary, but they are all a tan color with various brown, red or grey stipes, spots or patches.

The word 'Lingam' comes from the Sanskrit word for symbol, as these stones are a symbol of Lord Shiva. These stones are deliberately made into the well-known oval shape, as this shape has a specific meaning. This shape is symbolic of the phallus of the Hindu God Shiva, and of his union with his consort Kali. Within the form of the stones, there is also the shape of the cosmic egg, out of which all creation has emerged. This, therefore, makes these stones encompass both the male and female, and their union, within the one sacred object.

I've strung this symbolic stone on rich brown leather featuring a slip knot clasp to make this quite adjustable in length. Each piece is unique and different but all similar and awesome.

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