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Mordichai Chrysocolla Malachite Stone Necklace

Mordichai Chrysocolla Malachite Stone Necklace

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*Guaranteed 100% natural hybrid stone of chrysocolla, malachite and red iron... Direct from a private copper mine in Australia.

*Arrives ready for gifting (example in last photo)

*High quality, all-natural and untreated malachite and chrysocolla pendant , hand wire-wrapped and polished smooth.

*100% Ethically sourced rich brown leather cord

*Slip knot closure ensures this is highly adjustable to lengths between 30" and 22"

*About our stones* Each of the stones we use to create these special necklaces were formed by nature over millions of years. Each one is unique and beautiful just like nature itself. They will vary one to another, just like Mother Nature intended. The pendant you receive will be what nature intended that stone to be and may be lighter or darker, with different patterns inherent in each stone. Just like people, each stone has special characteristics unique to itself and in that lies the beauty. I've included lots of stones in the photos above to help show the possible variations

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