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Titans Titanium Quartz Necklace

Titans Titanium Quartz Necklace

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Sure to please any man, whether he's into fashion or just into looking sexy at all times. These one of a kind titanium electroplated quartz pieces hang ruggedly from an antiqued brown, adjustable leather cord. The genuine quartz crystals have been polished smooth on three sides, left rough on the fourth, and then electroplated with titanium. In this process a fine mist of titanium is bonded to the crystals to give this amazing finish. These look equally awesome with the polished side out or the rough side choose!

Slips right over the head and hangs where you want it with it's adjustable sliding knot closure. Each stone is unique and different but all super awesome and similar to photos. The stones vary in size to between 1.75" long and 2.25" long.

* Totally adjustable to between about 24" to 30"

*Genuine quartz, polished smooth on three sides and then electroplated with a thin layer of titanium to give it an awesome metallic, stainless steel mirrored finish. *Comes ready for gifting in a cute, boho gift box.

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