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One Tribe Jewelry

Ring of Fire Necklace

Ring of Fire Necklace

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A beautiful and soulful antique Yoruba ring made using the lost wax casting method in brass. I've strung this on soft yet durable dark brown leather with an adjustable slip knot closure. This Yoruba tribal currency piece was worn with others like it and braided onto a leather thong and worn as a belt to show wealth and status. Whole belts could be traded but it was more common to unlace one end of the belt to trade just a few rings for smaller transactions.
These rings are one of a kind, please expect variations from the picture since every ring is unique. The current rings that I have are all super similar to the first three photos. They are beautiful and textured and have a nice weight to them.

These are adjustable to between about 32 inches to 20 inches.
*The model photo shows a similar ring and is included here to show scale.

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