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Mysha, Moss Agate Earrings

Mysha, Moss Agate Earrings

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Gorgeous raw moss agate stud earrings prong-set in 14k gold over brass.

Beautiful and alluring genuine moss agate is perfect for these substantial stud earrings. These stones have such a wonderful and natural beauty that inspires a connection to nature. Moss Agate is considered to be the stone of new beginnings and is all about attracting abundance and tapping into deep-set creativity. Such a beautiful and unique gemstone. It can be clear to milky white, with dendritic inclusions of manganese or iron that have grown into patterns similar to moss or lichen, giving these a super organic feel. Metaphysically, some believe moss agate to be a stabilizing and strengthening influence. Agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy and is connected to the heart chakra.

★ Birthstone for Taurus

*Moss Agate, with its green color energy, is one of the natural birthstone of those fortunate enough to be born in the heart of spring (April 20-May 20).

★Stone-Untreated Rough Moss Agate - These stones are 100% unique, please don't expect each earring to be exactly the same as it's mate. Think of them as sisters, not twins.

★Dimensions- Approx. 10mm x 10mm

 *About our gems* Each of the stones we use to create these special earrings were formed by nature over millions of years. Each one is unique and beautiful just like nature itself. They will vary one to another, just like Mother Nature intended. We don't treat our stones in any way and accept their rough and "imperfect" beauty and try to highlight their uniqueness in our plating process. We don't polish away "flaws" in the stones but rather leave them in their natural state. The pair you receive will be what nature intended that stone to be and may be lighter or darker, clear or more opaque, smooth or rough, rounded or angular. Just like people, each stone has special characteristics unique to itself and in that lies the beauty. Each pair is lovingly matched as best as possible but all are freeform and rough cut. Please expect some minor shape and color variations. Think of them as sisters, not twins.

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