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Azur Amazonite Dangle Earrings

Azur Amazonite Dangle Earrings

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Like waters deep and ancient, Amazonite beckons in captivating shades of turquoise-green, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Its energy is as powerful as the river for which it is named, and as bold as the legendary women warriors with whom it is connected. Harness your inner goddess in a pair of these today!

* Hand selected all natural raw amazonite gemstones

* Ready to ship in 1-2 days

* Crystals range 20-25mm long

* These hang approx. 2.5"

* Aged brass kidney ear wires

* Crystals matched but still unique from one another.

* Think sisters, not twins.

* Ready to gift in a cute boho hand-stamped gift box

Metaphysical Properties Amazonite tempers aggression, tames the irrational, and stills the disquiet. It provides harmony and balance.

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