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Split Rock Lighthouse Ring Dish

Split Rock Lighthouse Ring Dish

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* Lighthouses, with their beacons shining into the darkened seas and their remote and solitary stations at the many edges of the world, have ingrained themselves in the romantic quarter of our consciousness. They are a symbol of the call home and the guide to all in search of safe harbor.

* Perched high above the rugged North Shore of Lake Superior, Split Rock Light was born out of a tragic storm in 1905 that saw the ruin of nearly 30 ships. Each year on November 10th, the anniversary of the sinking of the famed Edmund Fitzgerald, the Split Rock beacon is lit to commemorate the long list of wrecks that have claimed hundreds of lives over the years.

These decoupaged shells are hand-crafted with a fine level of detail. Images are hand-drawn and carefully set on a natural base and sealed with multiple layers of lacquer to give a refined porcelain feel and look to them. A delicate edging of liquid gold leaf gives the finishing touch. Shell backs are left in their beautiful and natural state. These jumbo shells are thoroughly cleaned with soap and water - no harsh chemicals used.

Items usually ship in 1-4 business days and are packaged in a boho box ready for gifting. Check shop announcement for occasional delays. A gift note can be included upon request and we can ship direct to the recipient- no receipt included. Free domestic shipping via USPS First Class Mail. Upgraded shipping available for additional cost.

Size: These shells range in width from 5.5" to 6.25"

Ethically Sourced. We only use shells that have washed up on beaches naturally. Their former inhabitants have moved out. We never kill or harm any animals to get their shells. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to The Marine Fish Conservation Network as a way of giving back for the abundance and beauty our oceans so generously provide.

Please keep in mind that each shell is unique and was once home to a little animal. Any 'imperfections' in the shell should be seen as a badge of honor of this creature's journey from the deep to your door. The pictures are examples of the patterns only. Your shell will be 100% one-of-a -kind and the only one on the planet that will look exactly like yours.

Finished shell fronts are waterproof but it is recommended that shells not be immersed in water. Clean shells by wiping with a damp sponge or cloth.

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