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Tessa Tourmalated Quartz Necklace

Tessa Tourmalated Quartz Necklace

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Sweet little teardrop pendants of genuine tourmalinated quartz electroplated in 18k gold.

Tourmalinated Quartz is clear quartz which has grown together with black tourmaline, and shows strands of the tourmaline running through the quartz.

Tourmalinated Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Tourmalinated quartz is believed to protect the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions. Tourmalinated quartz is thought to provide a balancing of yin/yang energies and release negative patterns.

*Choose your chain- Choose between Satellite, Box, or Cable chains - all 18k gold fill and include a 2" extender.
*Pendants range between 14-17MM tall by 8-10MM wide
*Arrives ready for gifting in a cute boho gift box.
*Usually ships same day or next.
*Listing is for one necklace only. I show multiples to show variations in shape and color.

About my gems:
All crystals are earth mined. Each of the stones we use to create these special necklaces were formed by nature over millions of years. Each one is unique and beautiful just like nature itself. They will vary one to another, just like Mother Nature intended. We don't treat our stones in any way and accept their rough and "imperfect" beauty and try to highlight their uniqueness in our plating process. We don't polish away "flaws" in the stones but rather leave them in their natural state. The stone you receive will be what nature intended that stone to be and may be lighter or darker, clear or more opaque, smooth or rough, rounded or angular. Just like people, each stone has special characteristics unique to itself and in that lies the beauty.

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